Metal Cog Fidget Spinner - Limited Edition

Metal Cog Fidget Spinner - Limited Edition

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This is a metal cog gear fidget spinner is in the same form factor as the standard tri-fidget spinner. It has one sun gear in the center and there are 3 planetary cog gears that all connect to the sun gear. 

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The cog gears are rounded and are not sharp what so ever. Sandwiched between the two stainless steel frames, which are nice and thick and have a very classy brushed finish.

Each of the sides has 3 little windows so you can see how the gears connect inside and it gives you a great view of how it works. 

These moving gear spinners are not meant to be spin time champions, they are meant to be fidgeted with. 

Gears that when the center spins, the outside cogs move too! 

Available in 4 different sizes and colors.


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