60mm Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball

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So, our Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls caught your eye? Read on to find out what the latest craze is all about.

What is Contact Juggling?

Contact Juggling is an art form, and takes practice to advance. Juggling has been used for entertainment for thousands of years. It is both entertaining to Perform, and to watch.

Contact Juggling is even more entrancing to watch, as the fluid movements look magical - especially with Clear Acrylic Balls, such as this one. As you can see from the pictures, the clear consistency of the Acrylic balls can be enchanting and provides some fantastic optical illusions for the eye.

The most popular Acrylic balls for Contact Juggling are the Clear Acrylic, also known as the Large Acrylic Sphere. They are basically large clear plastic balls that are great for focusing the mind! You can get a huge array of Different colored Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls, such as Clear, a Chrome/Metallic Ball and UV Reactive Balls to name a few! 

If you are beginner Guy, the general option is the Weightier Clear Acrylic Ball with a Smooth texture for fluid movements, at sizes of 75mm-100mm for the balls.

As your Skills improve in Contact juggling, you can then begin to move from 100mm balls to 75mm balls, and so on.

How do you select your first Contact Juggling Ball? Read on for more!

How big should the balls be?

You can go all the way from 65mm sized ball all the way up to over 100mm sized balls!

Bigger acrylic balls are easier to control. Your best bet as a beginner is 100mm or 75mm. The general consensus for people getting into Contact Juggling is 100mm. When learning Beginner Contact Juggling moves such as the Butterfly, it helps to have the bigger sized juggle balls to aid you. The bigger the ball is, the more control you find you have with said ball. Once you've mastered, say, the 100mm ball - you can go to the 75mm ball and learn other more technical Contact Juggling moves with different balls. Will you be the next YouTube star?

What are the balls made of?

The two most common materials are Acrylic and Silicone. The biggest difference between the two is the weight. 

Having more heavier balls like the Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls, helps to gain momentum and build up strength for more juggling with the balls. The lighter balls help to create more fluid motions.

With Silicone Balla, you can go for a Stage Ball or Sil-X Ball. The Sil-X Implosion has liquid silicone inside for a smaller roll. It gives a little more weight to gain some more momentum over say, Contact Juggling Balls without as much substance.

Another note, is that the implosion juggling balls are a lot more sticky. If you are looking for more grip, this is a great choice. However, if you are more interested in performing 'Squeeze Ups' or more fluid movements, you're better off opting for Clear Acrylic Stage Juggling Balls.

You can also get LED Light up Contact Juggling Balls. The weighted balls are great for regular juggling - so it's best to look for weighted juggling balls to balance out the Lights inside.

That being said, for any beginner who is looking to advance quicker, your best option is the Acrylic Juggling Ball with a Clear finish. Go for a size of 75mm or 100mm. The clear opaque finish of the contact Ball looks great, and will wow your audience, the bigger sized juggling balls will help to to learn the basics and further, the smooth finish will entice you to learn more fluid movements, and the weight of the Clear Acrylic balls will enable you to form the muscles you need for Contact Juggling, and gain more momentum. 

Why should you go for Acrylic Balls?

Acrylic Balls are fantastic for Juggling, and they are the perfect contact juggling balls for beginners. Just take a look at Contact Juggling with Balls on YouTube and you will see that the majority opt for Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls. Why? Because these balls look the most interesting and mystical, while also being the most usable, depending on your Juggling Skills.

The smooth and fluid juggle movements, popular with Contact Juggling enthusiasts require more smooth balls, with ability to swiftly move. You need a weightier ball for this, hence the most popular of all: Acrylic Balls. Go for the Clear Acrylic 100mm or 75mm if you are just starting out, and the Clear Acrylic 65mm if you are looking for a challenge!

Contact Juggling is no easy feat, but if you do your research, you can get off to a flying start.

As a contact juggler, it doesn't stop there. You will find that your skills may improve in other areas of your life. The Clear Acrylic Ball can aid with your concentration at work or school, you patience ands you tenacity as you strive to get better and better. Juggling the balls can help you relax and destress and is also a distraction for those with symptoms of ADHD and other Stress issues.

Much like a fidget spinner to reduce stress and anxiety, our Clear Acrylic Juggling Ball works the same way. Have you ever felt like you just needed to take time out, and give your mind a break? This break can be time taken out to focus on something as simply as a spinning object to take you mind of things. In this case, your mind can focus on creating fluid movements with this clear acrylic juggling ball. You mind will be totally focused on mastering the art of contact juggling with balls, the harder it is to perfect - the better. To make your mind work even more, you can start to juggle with multiple acrylic contact juggling balls.

At first, like we said, you'll want to go for a large acrylic ball. When those balls are mastered, and your mind is looking for more - go for a small acrylic ball.

How to Contact Juggle?

Good question! It's not an easy answer, however. If you have juggled before, you would find it easier to learn contact juggling with balls. As we all know, we all have our different strengths. Some people can pick up a contact ball and away they go! While others, who maybe have struggle with contact sports and control - may find it a little more difficult.

The key is to take it slow, and ensure you give yourself enough time and proper tuition with juggling clear acrylic balls. There are some great teachers on YouTube who will give you their tips and tricks with the balls. From beginner moves, all the way to more advance techniques and movements. 

Don't be afraid to stick to the beginner moves when juggling acrylic balls, if you feel you need more practice. In contact juggling of these acrylic balls, the fluid movements and poise of the juggler is quite possibly the most important aspect. People want to see someone contact juggling with ease, it is supposed to look majestic and like the juggler is at one with the acrylic contact juggling ball.

If you are looking where to buy contact juggling balls for beginners, you've come to the right place!

Don't forget to send us your pictures with your new Clear Acrylic Juggle Balls!

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