Shipping Information

Below, we have summarised the shipping times to help you better understand when your Raptor V2 order will get to you. 

Country  Ship Time Speedy
 Ship Time Free
USA 2 - 3 days 5 - 12 days
Canada 3 - 5 days 5 - 12 days
UK 2 - 3 days 5 - 12 days
Europe 3 - 7 days 8 - 14 days
Australia 3 - 5 days 7 - 14 days
Rest of the World
7 - 17 days

Days are working days, this does not include weekends, national holidays, not including the 0 - 24 hour processing time.
Products will be shipped from the closest fulfilment center to you. 

Tracking Codes: 

Majority of the time, you will receive a tracking code 1-3 days after your order, via email, where you can track your order. 

As we are shipping worldwide for free, some shipping methods do not have tracking information that is sent straight away. We receive the codes after the product arrives, which is why we cannot send them to you. We know this sucks, but thats free shipping for you! 

Please note: If you have bought another other product other than the Raptor R1, the shipping times will differ.