Q. I LOVE MY SPINNER! Where can I leave a review?

A. Awesome! Thank you - Head over to the product page, scroll to the bottom and you can place your review there :) All reviews get a 10% off discount code too :D

Q. Can you give me an exact date of when my order will arrive?

A. Please double check the Shipping Information page for accurate information.


Q. I've received my spinner, however the caps are not straight, what shall I do, I'm having a melt down!!

A. First thing, stay calm, you can get through this! In all seriousness, this is an easy fix. Sometimes they get knocked in delivery so simply push the caps in with your thumbs to make them sit flat on each side. 


Q. My spinner spins longer than in your video!

A. Thats great! If your's doesn't spin for quite a long, give it time. Bearings need to be bedded in properly. 


Q. My spinner is loud, crunchy or doesn't spin right.

A. All is well, this is usually an easy fix too! As mentioned above, give you spinner bearings some time to "bed in". The hybrid ceramic bearings take longer than steel bearings to settle. To speed up the process, spin the spinner and rotate it in your fingers in a gyro motion, this will help to spin each ball in different ways to ensure the grease inside goes over each ball. 


Q. How long is the bedding in period? 

A. We recommend a good few hours of spin time before you see the spinner settle. Some spinners come without as much grease in the bearings (it's the tiniest amount) which is why some can differ in speed and sound to start with.


Q. How can I clean my spinner?

A. Using a soft microfibre cloth to clean the outside of the spinner and outside bearings. Do not get water on the spinner as this can cause the bearings to have issues.


Q. How do I make my spinner spin longer?

A. You can read this article here. Please keep in mind, we cannot take returns on spinners that have had the bearings cleaned. Use at your own discretion. 


Q. I have a question that's not listed here, what shall I do?

A. We are happy to help :) Please send us an email via our contact form here. We would love to hear from you!

Q. I've got a company or product suggestion, who should I message?

A. Please send Tom or Andy an email via our contact form here. We would both love to hear from you :)