About Us

Raptor is the go to online store for fidget spinners, the latest children's toy and hottest office gadget of 2017. They help reduce ADHD whilst eliminating bad habits like biting your nails or picking your nose! 

We don't just sell fidget spinners, EDC fidget products are also available via our website to help release nervous energy and stress in your day to day life. 

Here at Raptor, we believe that the main symptoms of ADD, stress and ADHD can be greatly reduced with our tools to release the energy of nervousness, rather than taking brain polluting prescription medicines. 

While the passion for these spinners started out as a past time, it quickly formed into a full time project for the best type of fidget spinners, Orbiter spinners and cubes that the planet has to offer. We source our products from all over the globe and are expanding our product range monthly. With super fast World wide delivery times, you can rest assured we have you covered for all your fidgeting needs! 

Scientific research has shown us that activities like chewing gum or moving your leg or spinning a fidget toy can increase the number of neurotransmitters in your brain that have hold of your attention and focus. Our products can help avoid distractions, eliminate bored thoughts and increase your focus. 

All of our products are crafted carefully and we believe in our spinners so much that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all items purchased through our store.

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