The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Spinner Toy

The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Spinner Toy

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We cannot put this down!

Introducing, The Orbiter 

With 5 different spin and flip actions, you won't need another spinner after playing with this!

This thing is pretty cool, comes with two pieces; the ball and the base. 

As they are both magnetic, the like to hang around with each other. The base is really cool in itself, because it's machined really well and is a beautiful piece of metal with no hotspots or rough edges. It is all very smooth on the finger. It has a divot on both sides for the ball, it can almost be used as a worry stone.

 Orbiter the ball around the base

But when you introduce it's buddy, then you have an awesome game you can play.

  • Fidget Factor: 5/5
  • Smooth Titanium Look
  • 5 Different Fidgeting Actions
  • Ball & Base Included
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There's a few things we have found on it, well first of all, the worry stone can go on the top or the bottom. Now, this isn't super strong magnetically. You can roll the thumb almost in a worry stone fashion over the ball and have it roll in it's base. 

Finger flip it around

Then you can flip in it's side, now this is where it gets interestingas it's got a magnetic side and this is a very strong magnet in comparison to the divots. Once the ball in on the side, you can spin the ball around in a planetary like 'Obiter' motion!

Spin it

You can also hold the ball on the side and spin the base around the ball, which is another cool feature of this fidget spinner

In addition to this, you can hold the ball again and spin the base sideways, thats how strong the magnet is

Theres a couple different things you can play with, then of course you have the single hand action where you are fidgeting now. You can pop the ball into the base, then on the side again. Flip it around throughout the today, split it, move it, flip it, the skies the limit for this Orbiter spinner! 

It could be described as having the strength of steel with a weight comparable to aluminum.

  • Body diameter: 1" [25.4 mm]
  • Overall thickness: 9/16" [14.3 mm]
  • Steel ball: 5/8" [15.9 mm] diameter
  • Weight: approximately 30 grams [1.1 oz]
  • Chrome steel ball weight: approximately 17 grams [0.6 oz]

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