How To Make A Fidget Spinner Spin Longer? 3 Things You Need to Keep In Mind

3 Things You Need to Keep In Mind

Guide on how to make a fidget spinner spin for longer and fasterNow that you have your Raptor spinner, the next question you will probably ask yourself is ‘how long can this spin?’ and how could I make it spin for longer? We find out below...

Now, usually, the spin time of a fidget spinner depends on a number of factors such as the body of the spinner, the material of the bearing as well as the weight distribution.

There are several options for those looking for a cheap spinner toy made of plastic but keep in mind that these will wear out quickly and you will see a drastic decrease in the spin time when compared to the spin time out the box.

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How to make your spinner fidget spin for longer? 

  1. Purchase a Full Ceramic Bearing for your spinner
  2. Remove the bearings from the spinner.
  3. Wipe away dust and grime from the bearings and the housing.
  4. Spray some bearing lubricant ( see below ) onto the bearings.
  5. Re-insert the bearings.
  6. If you require more spin time, consider purchasing better bearings ( see below ).


Best Option: Fully Ceramic Bearings

Full Ceramic Bearings are best if you are looking for the smoothest, quietest spin and longest spin time that will last. It is all very well cleaning and trying to make old bearings faster, but this is only a temporary fix.

By selecting the highest quality bearings out there, you are ensuring your spinner is the best out of all your friends.

At just $13.99 with free delivery, our full ceramic bearing is a brilliant option for those looking to take their spinning to the next level.


See the video below as an example of how much a full ceramic bearing could help:




The Raptor R1's have a hybrid ceramic bearing as standard, which is still a huge step up from the standard noisy steel bearings others have. 



    Think About The Body:

    The fidget hand spinners come in a variety of materials with the most common being plastic and metal. Now, the plastic body spinners are either 3-D printed or made with a high-grade plastic, and this usually has an effect on the spin rate of your spinners. Plastic spinners are light weight, but this is also a disadvantage if you are looking to increase your spin times. Metal body spinners have the necessary weight and momentum to push them to achieve faster spins than what is achievable with a plastic body. So, if you are investing in a spinner toy, it is best to go for the metal fidget spinner for better spin rates. 

    Clean the Bearings:

    Premium spinners can work for a long time, almost 5 minutes on average out of the box, but as time progresses, you can start to see a decline in the spin times. Wait a second before you throw it out the trash! There is an easier fix to the problem that does not involve you spending money and buying a new one. The answer lies inside your spinner bearings. The ball bearing comes lubricated to allow smooth and quiet spins, but this can get clogged up with dust and grime. Even if you are a neat-freak and take special care of your fidget spinner toy, there are chances of dust entering the spinner as you take and replace them back in your pocket. So, the best remedy to this issue is to clean the bearing.

    Cleaning the bearing does come with a few risks, as it involves popping open the dust shield and fiddling with the components inside. However, if you are careful, then there will be no major problems. So, the first thing you got to do is flip open the dust shield on the bearing.

    To do so, just take any small screwdriver or a tiny knife (Be careful of the sharp edges) and pry open the shield. Depending on the type of bearing, the case opens up from two different ways. For the steel bearings, the cover can be opened from the inside part of the ring while on the ceramic bearings, you can open the cover from the outer ring.

    Now, once you got them off, the next step is to clean it. The lubricants in the bearing are what gather the dust and grime, so to get rid of it use a solvent such as acetone, rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or even water.

    When using water on steel bearings, keep in mind that it needs to be dried out thoroughly as any excess moisture can cause rusting. The best way to clean out the excess lubricant is to allow it to soak in the solvent for a few minutes and then dry it out using compressed air or a hair dryer. Again, please use caution when drying solvent with hot or heated air in case of fires.

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    When deciding on the type of solvent to use best to consider the body of the fidget toy as well as the material of the bearing. Some spinners made with low-quality plastic can melt when in contact with most solvents. Even the 3-D printed spinners have some styrene filaments mixed in with the ABS plastic that can be weakened by the solvent.

    Once the bearing is dry, put it back in the middle and replace the dust cover on top and watch it spin almost 20% faster than before. This method of cleaning can be done a few more times without any adverse effects on your spinner.

    Keep in mind that removing the lubrication will make your spinner louder so to combat this just add a drop or so of any lubricant such as bearing oil or valve oil to help reduce the noise. This, in turn, will slow down your spinner but not to a huge extent.

    Swap Them Out:

    Like all new toys, as time wears on there is only so much you can do to salvage the components. So, if even after thorough cleaning you still are unable to get the speed you wish for then it is better to invest in a new bearing. There are two types of bearings available: ceramic and steel bearings.

    The ceramic bearings are the preferred ones to steel bearings as they are better structured and last longer than the steel counterparts. They also produce less noise in their spin cycles with smoother turns. Just pop out the old bearing and put the new one in place (Make sure to get the proper size for optimum performance). If you are looking for somewhere to store your prized possession, take a look at our range of the top cases for fidget spinners here.