How To Build Your Own Fidget Spinner


Fidget Spinners are devices that help people find peace in stressful life situations and allow them to be focus at work. These devices provide a sense of comfort to the users and are the silent alternatives to clicking a pen or tapping feet. They also help focus during boring board meetings. However, it’s not that you can get one from the market only. You can easily make one for yourself at home, using some very basic materials. Making a fidget spinner is a very simple process and has been described in the following article. 


Steps to make a Fidget Spinner


Material Required

Making a fidget spinner does not require a large number of material and is therefore very cost-effective rather than purchasing one. It gives you something to focus on and also saves you money. The following material is required to create a budget fidget spinner:


  1. A 3-D Printer that is fully equipped with the filament, software and a computer.
  2. 8 Old Skate Bearings to be divided into fidget spinners with 1, 3 and 4


STEP 1: Printing the One-Bearing Spinner


As it was previously mentioned, we use 3-D technology to make a 3-D printed spinner. In order to do this, we need to download a sample of what needs to be printed and this is available on the internet in the form an STL file extension. This step allows us to print the parts of the fidget spinner. If you need to change the design of the spinner or wish to make any modifications, you must use the 123D-Design file. Also, you must print the parts with at least 80% fill to add to the weight of the parts. Without the accurate weight, the spinner will not work properly. One of the two knobs is printed in the centre of the custom fidget spinner.


STEP 2: Assembling the Components


Assembling the components must be done with great care, and proper parts must be fitted accordingly. We begin by pushing one of the old skate bearing in the hole of the spinner. It is not necessary to use old bearings; one can replace them with new ones too. The knobs that we printed must be pushed on both sides of the bearing. Sometimes the bearing does not enter the hole. In such situations, using a vise, hammer or any device to push it in may help.


STEP 3: Start Fiddling

The next step is to begin fiddling that means using the toy. To use the toy spinner, press the bearing knobs between two fingers. Then, use the third finger to rotate the spinner. Enjoy the spinning motion and reduce your stress.


STEP 4: A Three Bearing Spinner


To make a three bearing spinner, we need to download a different 3-D template in the form of an STL file extension. Both the knobs of the spinner are printed in the bearing hole. You can modify the same with 123D-Design File. Push three bearings in each bearing hole and only push knobs on top of the middle bearing. Since this spinner has three bearings, it is slightly overweight as compared to other spinners. However, this extra weight is the reason with the three bearing spinner spins better and provides more peace. Place the knobs between your fingers and spin the toy with another finger. The spinning motion removes all your needs to fidget.


STEP 5: The Four Bearing Spinner


Most people prefer the four bearing spinner and say that it works the best. Creating this version of the spinner follows similar steps. You use the last set of four bearings for this purpose. An STL file extension can be downloaded and must be used to print the components of the spinner. The knobs are again printed in the holes for the bearings. You need to fit the bearings in the holes and then push a knob on the centre bearing. This is quite heavy and a little big for your pocket. However, it works the best. This is also referred to as an “EDC spinner”.

Hold the knobs between your fingers and spin the toy with a third finger and enjoy the calming experience.

The three types of fidget toy spinners have only one aim, and that is to calm people. Some also believe that it increases your focus and concentration. There is a steep rise in the demand for fidget spinners in the market for the reason that they substitute people’s annoying habits of clicking pens, shuffling their feet and other such activities. While buying spinners is a good idea, making one with your own hands gives you the right amount of satisfaction and also is very pocket-friendly. The tiny device is portable and fits perfectly in your hand and your pockets.

Alternatively, if you don't have the time or a 3D-Printer, you can buy your owner fidget spinner direct from us, here at Raptor.


It is time to enjoy spinning your fidget spinner!