How Fidget Spinners Can Relax You Before Going to Bed

The fidget spinner has taken large parts of the world by storm. Primarily targeted at the younger generation, this device has also garnered tremendous success among the adult population.


Why? What does it do exactly?


Those might be some of the questions you might have asked yourself when you last saw a person twirling this colorful little gadget around between their fingers.


A fidget spinner is a small, multi-lobed thingumajig with a ball-bearing center that you rotate between your fingers. They can be made out of various materials from plastic, ceramic, metal and even wood. To top that off, there are a plethora of designs to catch almost everyone’s attention. YouTube is going crazy with short instructional clips showing the best and most entertaining ways to spin that spinner. 


Initially designed by their creator, Catherine Hettinger, as a device to promote peace after seeing children in Israel throwing stones at the police, they quickly mutated into a huge fad. From there, all sorts of other beneficial properties came to the forefront. Many of which are claimed to bear health benefits for the spinner.


Ever since inception, the toy was promoted as a tool to help people who have trouble concentrating and focusing. In most cases, these individuals also suffer from psychological stress and have a propensity to fidget constantly. Come the fidget spinner that can apparently help people calm down because of the twirling motion and the sensory experience of holding something smooth and colorful between your fingers.    


In a day and age when our hectic world seems to become more frenzied on a daily basis, the concept of the fidget spinner might sound like a good idea. You're stuck in traffic, and you feel the tension growing inside of you, and you are ready to explode because you are going to be late for work, maybe twining something between your fingers might alleviate that burbling tension. We all need a little help from time to time, so why not fidget spin?


Will using the fidget spinner relax you?


Apart from showing off your up-to-the-minute, bright new toy to your friends, which you can twirl in the most captivating way, some other benefits are of a more useful nature.


We all fidget in one way or another. It’s human nature to do so. Maybe those English chaps guarding the queen at Buckingham Palace might have something to say about that claim, but they are not the perfect example of the general population.



  • Some think that fidgeting or rapid and small movements distract parts of the brain from random thoughts without compromising concentration. In other words, instead of obsessing about stuff like why your best friend is such a hit with the opposite sex, you might be spinning away and thinking of the task at hand.


  • If fidgeting is a natural phenomenon then doing it must have some benefit, right? It’s nothing other than obsessively nibbling on your nails or twining your hair. This might ring a bell for some of you. Fidget spinning is better than that – you won’t have those chewed up nails, and the person opposite you won’t feel agitated because of the constant hair twirling because he or she is also fidgeting alongside you with their spinner – win-win situation!


But how can this be beneficial?

Some studies have demonstrated that physical movement no matter how trivial can stimulate cognitive activity like for example reducing mental procrastination or your ability to remember things. If this is the case, fidgeting could aid in the way you express yourself and align your thoughts.        


  • Routine – some of us love it, and others hate it by assigning it the title ‘the killer of spontaneity.’


Using a fidget spinner could serve as a ritual of sorts, distracting the brain from more arduous thoughts. Good, repetitive habits can add familiarity and structure to a person’s life, soothing the mind and heightening focus. 


  • Moving on, we all have specific objects to which we feel attached like granddad’s watch or mom’s favorite necklace she gave you as a gift. This is normal. Humans feel the need to connect and that not only with other human beings. In many cases, an object will suffice. Just don’t get carried away – a generic, non-human item will never replace genuine social contact. So, no, you will not be marrying your fidget spinner in the near future.


  • Some scientists claim that natural fidgeting is the body’s way to remain in constant motion even when in a sedentary position. And let’s face it, many of us sit around the office all day. Maybe using a fidget spinner might alleviate that physically inactive monotony and help keep us focused and moving, even if it is only the fingers.    



Now you might argue that much of the aforementioned is not scientifically proven and you’d be right. However, many people swear by the fidget spinner. So at this juncture, let’s give the device the benefit of the doubt and go out on a limb here.


Can a fidget spinner relax you before bed?


If the points as mentioned above are anything to go by, then yes would be the answer. So, in what way can the fidget spinner relax us before bed, aiding us in the quest for some quality ZZZ’s? Sleep is a natural healer and health champion in so many ways that would be impossible to list here for space purposes. However, let’s name a few of them to get you going.


Getting between seven and nine hours of good sleep reduces blood pressure, the heart rate and relaxes the muscles. At night and in a soporific mode, the brain has time to recalibrate by settling the neurons and aligning your thoughts. If that’s not enough, waking up after some quality shut-eye keeps us alert, making us more able to concentrate and it maintains emotional stability, consequently reducing stress and alleviating our mood.


If you have the right sleeping environment regarding scent, room color, lighting, and temperature, the central piece of furniture that needs to be perfect for you is the bed and the mattress. Make sure you do your research on sites such as to get enough information on the right sleeping surface for you.


With all that taken care of setting up a tailored bedtime routine is the way to go. This might include taking a warm bath, refraining from caffeine, not watching TV or checking out social media on your smartphone and preparing yourself mentally for bed with meditation and a fixed bedtime.


As we already know, the fidget spinner can distract a busy mind with its smooth surface and pleasant twirl. By sidetracking the brain, our minds can banish sleep disruptive thoughts, resulting in a reduction in stress levels. Not feeling all worked up before bed gradually shuts down the body by reducing cortisol (also known as the ‘stress hormone’) levels.


Twining a fidget spinner can keep us focused on a monotonous action that tires the eyes by staring at it. It won’t take long for you to gradually drift off. Also, due to its size and flatness, the fidget spinner won’t wake you up like a book if you roll over it during the night. If you have trouble sleeping, every helpful little hack will come as a boon to you. Give it a try and think about it, you will also be en vogue if you do it.