5 Reasons Why Fidget Spinners Are Increasingly Becoming Popular

Fidget spinners are getting popular these days not just among kids but grownups, too. They are not just some regular toys which kids like to play with; they actually have an aesthetic benefit on the minds of people. They help you get over your stress, anxiety, ADHD or adult autism. Some of the reasons why fidget toys have gained popularity by a rapid pace are:


Fidget spinners by Raptor come handy when we talk about the budget. Their price tag might range from as low as a few bucks to as high as hundreds of dollars. The people who want to have a simple stress toy without reflecting it on their budget can go for the cheap ones which come out 3D printed or the ones made of plastic and are extremely light. If someone is looking for superior quality metal fidget spinners which might be a lot more durable than the 3D printed ones, he or she should go for a high budget fidget toys. There are also mid-priced fidget spinners made of wood, and they are not that durable as the metal ones, but they do an excellent job. Coming at an affordable price, they are light and easy to carry too which is one of the reasons why they are gaining tremendous popularity. 


The fidget spinners are small and portable, and you can easily carry them wherever you go. Everyone has a comfortable chair at home which you prefer to sit on when you want to lower down your stress levels. Rocking chairs or some comfortable sofas, right? Moreover, some of you even prefer to lie down on your bed or listen to music or play Xbox, but there is a major issue with all of these which is that you just can’t carry these things around to help you with your stress, anxiety or autism anywhere you need them.

However, fidget spinners give you the liberty to use them whenever you need them. Being small, they always make a good fit in your pocket or your purse, and they do not even take much space. They weigh around 50-80g depending on what material they are made of. The plastic ones would weigh lesser as compared to those made of metal. This is another reason why they have gained so much popularity among kids and youngsters these days. Many people recommend this device because of its excellent portability, for instance, the ones offered by Raptor are quite popular.

Easy to Use:

Once you buy an EDC fidget spinner, you would be amazed at the speeds it can attain with a small push only. As the instructions say, you need to hold the spinner with one hand and spin it continuously and rapidly using small constant strikes using the other hand to keep the toy spinning for long enough time. With time, you get the hold of the toy, and you are easily able to spin it without any chances of it falling out of your hands. You need the fingers of only one hand to stop or resume it, and it does not take much time for a person to get used to it. Fidget spinners are getting so popular thanks to their simple yet effective design.


There are hundreds of reviews of the people who actually used the spinners and got through their issues. The fidget spinners are there to help you in getting through your stress, anxiety, autism or ADHD issues. The spinners have a uniformly distributed weight among all of the bearings which means they have an optimal design which results in a longer spin. They not just help you with your stress and anxiety, but they also help you to get rid of your bad habits like smoking or nail biting. Not just that, they also help you in focusing on your tasks if you have a hard time to focus. There are other ways to get rid of habits but using a spinner is the most optimal and budget friendly option which is another major reason for their popularity.


There are a lot of ways in which you tend to handle your stress or anxiety, but most of them are carried out by you privately because they annoy the people sitting next to you and they may even take that as a negative habit of yours. The people around you might start judging you if your means to reduce your stress annoys them. However, in the case of fidget toys, no such scene might annoy anyone because the design used by the spinners is noiseless and also you need not go to a private place for using them. The amazing design is another great plus point about the fidget spinners that has made them popular these days. The fidget spinners by Raptor have an amazing design which makes them one of best gadgets to have on your office desk.

These are some of the reasons why the fidget spinners are increasingly becoming so popular every passing day. Go ahead and grab one for yourself, too!