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ZeroFeud Spinner

Anyone who has had sustained interest in spinners must have heard of Zerofeud by now. Founded by designer Rick Wayne to showcase and offer his amazing products to the market. Their initial duel-pole compass quickly gained traction among spinner lovers for its high-end design and quality. Besides, it had a unique and clever packaging to accompany it.   For those who have been aching to get their hands on any Zerofeud product, there are many, but you have to choose that which will give you both fun and value for your money.   Here are some spinners on top of the pile that might catch your eye.

ZeroFeud Tri Compass-$125-$180

The angular raised parts of the compass design make it’s to stand out in the crowd of the current crop of spinners. It also has radial cut-outs after the grip rim that gives it a distinctive look and an incredible effect while spinning. The ZeroFeud Tri compass spinner is simple, clean with an almost perfect level of fit and finish. The design is fidget focused on helping those with ADHD to alert and concentrate. Besides, the spinner’s smoothness is nothing compared to what you find in other hand spinners. Tri compass has absolute balance together with a glue-fit hybrid ceramic bearing that enables it to pass the three-minute spin mark. This is an all-round spinner that doesn’t have the problems that come with its peers.

ZeroFeud mini compass titanium-$180

A beautiful piece of handcrafted spinner made of aluminum to provide hours of relaxed spinning fun. It has high precision hybrid ceramics that explains why it has a long spinning time (estimated to be up to 3 minutes). The min compass titanium is made of stainless steel to ensure that it is both reliable and stable. This spinner comes in three different colours;   black, rainbow and stainless steel.


ZeroFeud mini compass hand spinner-$37.99

This is a high-speed spinner that can go up to 5 minutes. It has a friendly design that is easy to maintain. The bearings are also easy to remove. The manufacturers used the CNC technology to blunt the corners so that they can protect your fingers from hurting. The spinner also comes in a compact size which makes it good to spin for both adults and children. Moreover, the small size enables it to hide in a trouser pocket. The ZeroFeud mini compass spinner is beneficial to those with anxiety, ADHD, and autism to help them stay alert and focused. What’s more? A study also found that spinning can help people to quit bad habits such as smoking and nail biting

ZeroFeud compass EDC fidget tri-spinner-$38.50

One of the most recent ZeroFeud compass style tri-spinner. The stainless steel made tri-spinner is a demonstration of nice craftsmanship. The spinner is very balance that is why it can spin for a good 3 mins and more. This tri-hand spinner is made in three different colors; Rainbow, stainless steel, and black. This spinner will give you great joy as you effortlessly spin it around.






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