Versa Mods Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Versa mods

Versa mods is a Pennsylvania-based company. The company specializes in making high-end accessories and devices that are handmade. The company takes your requests, desires, and ideas into considerations when creating the products. The products are in line with everyday needs and usage. The companies make accessories that help improve your life and cover various products and devices. The materials are high quality and guarantee durability.

Moreover, you enjoy using accessories that improve your normal routines and makes you look great. The materials are safe and convenient.

Damascus custom steel folding knife - $64

This is an amazing knife that folds and completely handmade. The knife is made from Damascus steel and is 8 inches in length. The blade is 3inches with a 5-inch handle. The knife is made by forging hammer and welding the low and high carbon steels. It has a layer count of 512.

The knife handle is made of real stag horn giving it aesthetic beauty and makes it convenient to use. It has a great feel on the hands because of the cowhide, which makes up the leather sheath and has a belt loop.

The whole idea is to give you a knife that appeals to your needs and liking. The steel is easy to clean and handle. The sheath enables you to keep it safely and prevent it from rusting. Spinner is a great place to order yours. You can get the product directly from the company or at Amazon.

SMOK BEC PRO Bluetooth Mod 50W

This e-cigarette model appeals to most people. It uses batteries that last for four days and are changeable. The e-cigarette is smoother and has the flavors from juices with the ability to increase your wattage. It is convenient to use and offers reliable and efficient flavors that keep you satisfied.

Stealth steel EDC handmade knife - $106

The knife is 7 inches in length. The handle is about 4 inches, and the blade is 3inches. The blade material is made from Damascus steel 15n20 and 1095. The blade thickness is 5.5mm the total number of layers is 264.

Damascus pattern includes black micarta, twist and handles material. It includes a full stitched grain leather sheath. The sheath has a wood display box and a belt loop. You can get the product from the main site or at Amazon. It offers you both appeal and efficiency in cutting.


Brass r188 pads - $21

The bearing has a great smooth functional spin. It offers you satisfaction and convenience when looking for fidget EDC more spin with optimal spinning and comfortable to your fingers. It is built to last and has a durable design with premium brass with a polished finish that improves aerodynamics. The pads are stronger, and it easily fits into your pockets. You can use it to relieve anxiety or stress and bad habits like biting your nails, smoking, and leg shaking. It achieves this by enabling you to remain focused making it ideal for relaxing. You enjoy a natural ergonomic feeling.

Spinner and versa mod offers you great solutions that are handmade and address everyday problems from cutlery to curbing smoking. Other devices and accessories offer you fun and boost your health by helping you relax.






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