Venom Defense Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Venom Defense

Venom defense and Design was founded in 2013 to provide unique and revolutionary products to the consumer. Being a family owned organization, it has been easier for them to tweak their a result, their products don’t conform to the industry norms. Venom defense has multiple products on offer. Furthermore, there are many prototypes and ideas that the company is working on.

Venom defense is committed to developing products that will pique your interest and match those of the best in the industry. Customer satisfaction is at the core of their operations. That is why customer service is priority in every design they make. Their products are manufactured in the USA with some of the finest of manufacturing practices and high-quality products. What is more? As a one-man workshop, every item is created with great passion and enthusiasm to grab the attention of the end user.


IFDGT-EDC hand spinner fidget toy-$30

The Ifdgt spinner is modeled on the successes of its predecessor- FDGT. It has enhanced spin times due to proper mass distribution and engineered aerodynamics. All IFDGT spinners have hybrid ceramic spinners to ensure proper weight distribution. The buttons are made of aluminum with a diameter of .825’’ and allows for top-table spins. You can also purchase upgraded buttons to allow easier manipulation for better spin times. The Ifdgt spinners come in a perfect size and shape that can be manipulated by all hands and people of all ages.


The Apex-EDC hand spinner fidget toy-$199.00

The Apex EDC hand spinner is at the top of the pile in the hand spinner’s category. For instance, Apex has more stability and superior to others because it is a tri-spinner. It comes in 3 different weights that offer end users multiple spinning styles. Brass is the heaviest of the three followed by titanium and the aluminum. A lightweight version is the best for beginners who are want something great to play with and enjoy.

The Apex spinner uses high-end hybrid ceramic bearings that guarantee improved performance. Besides, it has customized 3D buttons that allow secure and comfortable gripping while spinning. Made from the finest materials, Apex spinner is precision machined to meet the highest standards of quality. With a diameter, Apex spinner can be manipulated by people of all ages in all environments because its diameter is small that even children can play



TriFDGT is built on the successes of its predecessor, the popular and much loved Ifdgt spinner. However, the triFDGT is heavier spinner with more balance because of its extra arm.if you like fidgeting this is the spinner to try out.

This spinner has a hybrid ceramic bearing at the centre to give it an ultra-smooth spin. This spinner promises high performances; fast and long spin times. It is very helpful for those with ADHD and ADD to help them stay focused in school. The best part it is silent and doesn’t   distract others in the room.   It is durable, smooth and study with spinning times of more than 3 mins





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