Tomalock Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For


Tomalock spinners made serious inroads in the fidget toy making industry when it first hit the market. They have been improving their design ever since to make it better.   The founder and innovator is a special education teacher who started working on these products and company while writing a grant to get a 3D printer for the school.

The founders stumbled upon spinners as a teaching aid for students with dexterity to help them remain focused. They make many age appropriate spinners to cater for needs of a wide variety of individuals. The good thing is that the founder is a spinner who has tried out many spinners before deciding to develop this one.  

The graphic design and education background allowed the innovator to think outside the box that led to the development of ‘Fidget bead’ that offers more than any ordinary spinner because it gives the end user something more to focus on after spinning. The middle of the spinner had been made of both of steel and hybrid ceramic bearings but later settled on ceramic hybrid because it offers both smoothness and durability. The spinners have a simple concept that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Star control-$38.00

This an ideal spinner for the Fidget bead enthusiast who are used to a beautiful spinning experience. It has a changeable bearing that gives it a shorter spin rate. It is designed to help those with anxiety, autism, and ADHD to get them to get refocused. The star control spinner has a high quality ceramic hybrid centre to enhance its performance.   The star control fidget is smooth and functional to give you a satisfying experience.   That is why it is designed for maximum comfort and optimal spinning


This sci-Fi inspired Spinner is the best for those who are looking for something more. It spins great for at least 3 minutes or more. It is light weight, small and it is also good for fidgeting for those who have to hold something in their hands. It is made with the innovative Tomalock Fidget bead system that gives the end user something more to think about after spinning. The try-dot inlay pattern gives it a beautiful look and is sure to attract a lot of attention. No wonder some reviewers have reported that it is a great conversation starter.   It is an adult only fidget to help them to regain their focus and concentration while doing a serious task or in a meeting.

Customizable star control-$38.00

This a super spinner   for those who love quiet and non-shiny colours. Like all other Tomalock fidget toys, it is made with the new Fidget Bead Enthusiast that gives it an upper advantage compared to its peers. It has blue glow micro buttons that make it illuminate the room when you spin at night or in a dark room. It has a high-end ceramic hybrid centre that ensures weight is well distributed to produce enhanced performances. This fidget toy is made to fit perfectly in your hand, so you don’t have to deal with lack of motivation again






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Rating: 5