Stedemon Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Stedemon is a company that has been in existence since 1945; that is 72 years up to now. The company is best known for producing quality products such as fidget spinners. Their goals are set to provide and sell products at the best price while providing the best service for their customers.

The company is also well known for giving back to the community as part of the integration. The company held the 21st years being on the web celebrations and boasts of the largest web catalog.

Material used

The Stedemon Company manufactures many types of spinners. A majority of these are either made of Titanium or have been blasted with a titanium coat to have the finest finish. The bearing consists of different type of materials including bronze iron and steel.


The price of each spinner was determined by the material the company used in manufacturing. The higher the quality of the material the higher the price.

The price is also influenced by the design since some are custom patent designs. The prices set vary from the cheapest being; $44.95 to the highest set price $80.00.

Eric Garza/Tuff-Writer Custom Bronze Titanium Triquetra Spinner $80.00

This is a spinner that screams quality and elegance from a mile away. Being a USA product which means durability and quality are a guarantee. The spinner consists of milled titanium while the bearing is made of a stainless steel ball. This spinner weighs 0.4 ounces which are very light ensuring one can carry in the pocket with ease.

TactikOwl Tri-spin-ion Fidget Spinner $90.00

A classic spinner for anyone who likes a stylish old school like look. The spinner is silver in color with engravings on each of the three tri-extents. The fidget spinner is made from a variety of materials. The spinner consists of a stainless steel body with hand sanded aluminum caps. The bearing is made of a hybrid ceramic which enables the spinner to clock 2:25-minutes spins. The fidget spinner is lightweight weighing at only 0.9 ounces which can easily fit in the pocket.

We Knife Company S01C Bead Blasted Titanium Hand Spinner $48.00

This is another great fidget spinner silver in color with infinity shape engravings on the top. The spinner consists of the best materials available to ensure durability and performance. They are manufactured using 6AL4V titanium with a bead blasted finish to ensure they are smooth and look the part. The bearing is made up of a ceramic ball which enables the spinner archive a 2-minute spin time.

Stedemon Knife Company Z01 Titanium Hand Spinner, Dark Rainbow Grahamodized $69.95

This spinner best describes what Sedemon offers. It's a unique spinner in the market. The first look will attract you to it due to the rainbow-like color mixture blend on this spinner. Stands out from all in its category because of the finest material used in manufacturing. It's made of titanium while the bearing is made up of ceramic bearing which ensures the spinner achieves a 2-minute spin time. Weighing at around 1.1 ounces one can be able to pocket the spinner and travel with it anywhere.




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