Steampunk Spinners Fidget EDC, Pros & Cons

Steampunk Spinners

Why carry plastic when you can get cool everyday carry (EDC) product made from wood and metal? A solid metal spinner has a great feel and texture. It has multiple unique shapes that have attractive finishes that you will love. Steampunk spinners are retro-industrial and well-engineered to   catch your eye and then grab your interest. They will keep your hands and brain busy so that you can fight boredom and refocus on whatever you are working on.

Someone will pick up your steampunk spinner the moment you put it down. That is how   powerful its pull can be the moment someone sets the eyes on it.   For those suffering with ADHD, anxiety and other stress related problems, the spinner gives them a route to get rid of the uncomfortable restless so that they can calm their bodies and minds. Steampunk spinners are licensed as the official dealers   of name brand bearings. Therefore, you won’t get it wrong with them because they are legit   spinner makers. . Below are some steampunk   spinners that you might get your heart racing.

Purple reign-$99

This is the spinner to buy if you want to go crazy with fun. Purple reign was originally milled from industrial 6061 aluminium then anodized into various colours; red, green, blue and black. Each spinner has been in the lake Minnetonka waters and has a matter finish that gives them a great feel. The centre bearing is made the highest quality of end ceramic skate bearings. These materials makes it light enough to spin wildly. As a result, putting on those all those 3D printed plastic imitators.

The steampunk crusader-$159.12

Not sure what gift to give to your   priest, pastor or just looking a communion gift? The steampunk crusader also known as the Christian Fidget Spinner is a great gift   for a Christian friend to remind them about who they are and whom they serve. The spinner itself was handmade from solid brass to make it stable and strong. This spinner has three antique silver and gold shield with each one containing a gold cross.


The go-to bar spinner.   The spinner is made from solid stainless steel with a copper finish. The   Pudge comes with a 25 mm stainless bearing caps. It is   hybrid ceramic but you can upgrade to full ceramic bearing if you so choose. High polish, expensive metals and epic spin times makes it the best bar format spinner you will find anywhere. The weight has been moved away from the centre to increase the moment of inertia. You can either fidget or do table-top spins.

Steampunk spinner copper-$79.00-$129.00

Looking for something that remind you of the statue of liberty? Made of solid copper which makes it stable, hefty and shiny. What many people don’t know is that this spinner has ability to kill germs of all kinds due to its antimicrobial properties. The   centre bearing   hybrid ceramic which makes it one of the most effective spinners. It does not stop; you will love it. The steampunk spinner copper weighs 5 0z. Which makes it light to spin like crazy.






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