Spinetic Spinners Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Spinetic Spinners

Spinetic spinners stumbled upon a perfect fidget spinner. Through incorporating all the fidget spinners from all over the world to make one great product one. The company started by developing and selling their own fidget spinners and other products directly to the consumer. Like all great companies in the world, they saw a gap in the market and couldn’t help but provide a solution.

To help spinner lover’s spending endless hours searching and testing various options to find the perfect one. Spinetic Spinners tilted around their original plan and provided a platform where they incorporated not only their designs but all the designs of other manufacturers in their catalog to enable the spinner’s community to get the best deal possible.

What is a fidget spinner?

you may be reading through and wondering, what is this fidget spinner? Well, a fidget spinner is a fun toy which varies in design. But basically, it consists of a bearing in the center and is made of different materials. It has been commonly known as a stress relieving toy which also will help you focus and relieve anxiety.

Materials used

The fidget spinners are made of various materials which depend on the design and manufacturer. The most common materials used include; Brass, stainless steel, plastic, titanium, and copper. You should know that the material used influences the price, the vibration produced while spinning and also influences the spin speed and time of spin.

Price point

Prices vary with the material but generally, it's a cheap toy for both adults and kids to enjoy. The cheapest product in the market ranges from $6.99 (plastic material), while the highest price is $129 (brass material). There are many fidget spinners with price ranges between the lowest price and the highest price points.

Generic Tri Spinner – ABS – Black $6.99

This is one of the cheapest product in the market going for $6.99. It incorporates a unique and smooth finish that will catch your eye at first glance. It has a bearing size of 608, which enables you to have a long spin and produces relaxing vibrations throughout your nervures system.

The spinner is lightweight weighing at around 50g, with a 70mm size which easily fits in your pocket allowing you to travel anywhere with it. What is impressive for this product is its two-handed spin of 2 minutes plus.

Generic Tri Spinner – ABS – Hydro Dipped Army

As the name suggests it comes in a camouflage army color which is stylish and unique. It’s one of the high-end plastic made spinners made for you. Its bearing size is 608 and the material for the bearing is hybrid ceramic. Very lightweight weighing at only 50g easily fitting in the pocket.

Anatolian Dual Leaf V2 Spinner – Brass $59.99

It's one of a kind differently made from the tri- spinners. This spinner is a dual leaf which increases its spins clocking 3:45. It's made of a brass frame and finger pads which enhance the gold look and fine style. The spinner weighs 73.4g which is still very light for a brass made product.

Innova Mfg BatDude Spinner – Brass $29.99

It's a high-end brass made the spinner with one of the most stylish looks in all spinners.

Well, I have saved the best for last this product has a Bat or batman look and style which is cemented by the gold color. The bearing is made of steel for durability and performance. Weighing at 127.11g can easily fit in the pocket and clocks a whopping 4:15-minute spin time.





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