Sphidget Fidget Spinners, What To Look Out For

Sphidget Spinners

Sphidget Supercharger Innovations was started by a Mechanical Engineer who turned his passion for creating innovative supercharger products to a business. He had a small team who managed to come up with this product majorly from funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign. Which managed to raise nearly 10 times their initial target. They stuck to their goal when designing this to manufacture and create their products in house using traditional machining, additive manufacturing, and cutting-edge design tools.

The main purpose of Sphidget as developed by Sphidget Supercharger Innovations is to provide the user with something that will occupy the wandering part of their mind. It has been proven that diverting the "fidgety" part of your mind into an easy task such as doodling or spinning a Sphidget can increase the overall concentration, and it's really fun.

Sphidget is a combination of several manufacturing methods and materials into a unique spinner toy that brings together the line between function and form. It is designed in a way that will allow easy swapping of spheres so that you can choose from a variety of different materials such as Brass, Delrin, Acrylic, Steel, or any 3/4" sphere material. While most spin toys are made from single mass materials with bearings at the center, sphidget is made by clamping a bearing and rotating mass spheres between two clamping plates. So as to open up the possibility of many assembly combinations.

The two products are:

Sphidget Classic Kit with Desk Stand - $69.95

Each of the Sphidget kits come with 5 grade 25 precision ground 440C Stainless Steel Spheres. They are dent and scratch resistant, and will not rust or lose color as you handle the Sphidget. Compared to the Chrome steel Spheres used by most spinners, the 440C spheres in this product are superior to Chrome steel in the sense that 440C is brighter as well as more visually appealing. Your Sphidget, with 440C spheres, will forever stay beautiful.

This Sphidget is easily adjusted for a free roll in their holders or adjusted so the spheres are held tight. You can make this adjustment easily with the included tool. Sphidgets are shipped completely assembled and ready to use. The Sphidget stand is shipped disassembled to prevent shipping damage, but it’s easily assembled.

Eash Sphidget also comes with a bearing that is made from carbon steel, with the grease and seals removed, for a better spin time. Sphidgets also come with a pair of CNC machined Aluminum buttons. The buttons are concave shaped to aid in holding during spinning. The concave shape is usually made by use of a tool that is spiral and that leaves a smooth spiral pattern but defined enough to provide the grip.


Desk Tower and Sphere Assortment - $59.95

This kit is just like the classic kit, only that it comes with one Tower Kit with 4 black or silver plates and all the required hardware, five Brass Spheres, five White Delrin Spheres, five clear Acrylic Spheres and five Wood Spheres.





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