Rotablade Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons


Rotablade is the ultimate home of the spinning everyday carry tool. The EME tool was developed to push the spinning fidget toy industry to the next level.   That is why they produced a vibrant and multifunctional spinning everyday carry tool that has added immense value to the common spinning tool.

All products are made and hand assembled in the UK and tested to ensure they meet the highest standard of quality. Rotablade is determined to supply quality toys that meet the customer’s satisfaction and meet the growing demand. Here are some of their most innovative tools that you need to keep an eye on.

Stubby light-$ 45.00

This spinning fidget toy has great functionality like a cigar stand. It has an ABS natural plastic injection moulded boy that glows in the dark.   The bearing is made of hybrid ceramic for easy maintenance and replacement. What is more? You can replace them with full ceramic bearing if you like.

The stubby light spinner has removable plastic screw caps that allow for changing of colours. The average spin time is 2-3 minutes that has been achieved over time. The other good thing is that you can interchange materials with standard stubby grips because they are identical.

Fidget spinner-$36.99

This fidgety spinner is designed for someone who can’t keep their hands to themselves. It can also help people to give up harmful addictions such as smoking and nail biting, contain compulsive disorder, boredom and anxiety. What makes this fidget spinner to stand out is that it is simple, easy to carry, small and fun and good at grabbing attention.

It is made of solid brass which makes it stable and increases spinning time which can last from 2-3 minutes. The professional Zirconium bearing does not cost you more in maintenance, and it doesn’t need any lubricating oil.

How to use

Hold the spinner in one hand and spin using the other hand to keep it spinning with small continuous strikes. With time you will learn how to use one hand to both starts and stop spinning.

Rotablade Tri-Stubby Spinner -$120

The main reason why people go for spinners is to break a habit that they may have while some just to have a fun thing to do with their time. But if you need to get a spinner that you want to go to the very best there is, and that is why you a tri-stubby spinner pique your interest.

For those looking to take their spinning experience to the next level, then the tri-stubby spinner is what you need. It is slightly bigger and thicker to hold; this spinner can be spun in different ways. It is also more attractive experienced spinners looking for a tougher challenge. The Rotablade tri-stubby spinner can be held in various places as you spin.

It has a ceramic hybrid bearing that allows for elongated spinning due to the proper distribution of weight across the spinner. In fact, spin times of over 6 minutes have been consistently recorded. It has a titanium body that guarantees longevity and stability to the spinner.






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