PolarisAt Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For


PolarisAt is manufacturing and retail arm of the Celect Tools which was started in 1983 by husband and wife Kevin & Christine Cooke.   From very humble beginnings in what used to be a public swimming bath in Ashton-under-Lyne. However, in the winter of 1991, the company moved to a 2000 sq. multi-purpose factory in Rochdale. The company’s fortunes are very much been tied to those of the British economy. For this reason, the company has enjoyed substantial growth with a particular emphasis on upgrading of equipment used for tool making and moulding.

However, over the years Celect tools have increased the moulding business revenue stream which now contributes a substantial amount to the overall turnover of the company. While at the same time injecting new ideas in the tool making business which is at the core of their operations. Back to PolarisAT, it has been a major designer and manufacturer of high-end products to the end user, the vaping community. Where customers demand high quality and original products. PolariSat has a   reputation of constantly updating and churning out new products.


Troika minim-$48.00

This well-crafted   Troika Minim spinner was intended to be a high-performance entry-level and affordable fidget toy. It is available to all minus the inconvenience of waiting lists or kick starter style modes of purchasing. Troika Minim (V2) is made from the deep black glass after an intense process for material testing for longevity and stability. This spinner has chrome steel balance, and ABEC rated SS bearing.

PolarisAt troika Minim blue glow-$39.99

Made as performance spinner made from materials that guarantee quality, stability, and longevity. The base material of the spinner is blended with phosphorescent pigment which once charged with natural light glows in the dark or low light rooms. Those who like fidgeting with things such as ones would find this spinner an absolute joy.

It can also be given as a gift to kids learning how to use their hands and anyone with a concentration problem (ADD, ADHD). It is ideal in a workplace setting because it doesn't distract others. It is small enough to be squeezed into the pocket and carried to wherever you want to go. This high-performance spinner is very fast and can spin up to 3 minutes as they illuminate a beautiful blue glow.

Troika leather keyfob case black-$16.99

This nifty leather key fob case will help to keep your Troika minim safe and in good condition for a long time. It is beautiful by Debbie at Pufz pouches just to keep your Troika minim safe. It can seamlessly fit into your key ring to give a perfect everyday solution. A single snap fastener is sufficient to tie it securely.


Troika click black leather key holder-$24.35

The black leather and shiny metal key holder come with a leather loop. It comes with 3 removable key rings that might prove handy for those who have many door keys. The click-clack closure mechanism has all the physical and mechanical attributes of a bullet.





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