Noble Spin Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Noble Spin

Spinners are intended for people who can’t put their hands in one place. They are also meant to be used as fun toys for those who want something to fidget with when they are idle. For this reason, Noble Spin introduced a premium spinner to the market that has boasted of world class ceramic hybrid bearings from countries with the highest quality of materials available.

For instance, precision ceramic balls in Japan, stainless cages are made in the USA while the nylon cages are manufactured in the USA. They are then hand assembled and tested by expert technicians. Each hand spinner is made by CNC machines to get spinners with a perfect balance.   Noble spin is based in   Austin, Texas. It offers multiple high-quality spinners made from titanium plated stainless steel that gives them both comfort and high performance. That is why Noblespin spinners have long spin times ranging from 120-300 seconds, but they can even be more.


Luminous Ultra glow-$16

The Lumous ultra glow spinner is in a class of its own due to its green glow in the dark when you spin. Put it under a light if you want to see a bigger and stronger glow. Use one hand to hold your spinner while the other hand spins it rapidly by repeatedly striking it. Keep doing this until you ultimately learn to master it then you can use one hand only.

This spinner is perfect for those who want a straightforward and miniature fun-focused spinner. The Lumous ultra glow has round corners and a smooth surface to ensure that your hands don’t hurt. It helps to relieve stress and kill time when you are bored. This spinner is EDC focused to fidget and help those with ADHD, autism to focus.



This a perfect pocket size spinner for those who want a small and straightforward spinner. The spinner is made from high-quality stainless steel material. However, the acrylic spinner has a slight wobble due to varying densities which make the spinner to go off balance.   You can either spin with one hand or with both hands. The stainless steel bearing is cheap and can be easily be replaced. Adding some lubricants might also help the spinner to move quickly and make it quieter.


Noblespin Vantage-$49.00

It is a simple and sleek spinner made from the first class premium material. It has high gloss protective titanium finish which makes it comfortable and smooth to touch. It feels like holding a massive piece of glass in your hands. The weight is well spread across the spin perimeter to ensure that you get decent spin times. It makes some rattling sound as you twirl, but it shouldn’t worry you because it is drowned out by other noise in the room. The Noblespin vantage spinner is medium sized with weight properly distributed to make it easy for spinning. That is why it looks more like a high-end gadget than a fidget toy.




Brilliant review of this EDC toy.
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