Metal Worn Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons

What is all this fuss about everyday carry (EDC)? To put it simply, everyday carry are the items that you need on a daily basis. Such as wallet, pocket knife, phone, flashlight and any other thing that you might need. Your taste and choice of   EDC might change as you go through various stages of life but what is likely to change is that every EDC has a lot to tell about us than we know.

Whether it is the bracelet your high school sweetheart gave you or a pocket that your old man bought for you, every EDC has a story to tell about you. Conventionally, the concept of EDC is limited to survival out in the wild but metal worn wants to turn that on its head by churning out EDC items that are meant for the indoor which are both pleasing to the eye and intended to last.

Metal worn beacon hand spinner-$279

Metal worn has come up with a revolutionary and all-new creation. Those who liked the Turbine spinner will love this one because it is smaller and much compact. The beacon hand spinner is a wonderfully designed fidget toy to keep your hands occupied no matter the circumstances around you. This spinner has the silky-smooth ceramic bearing for memorable experiences. You just have to hold onto the center and spin it, and it will oblige and twirl between your fingers due to the laws of physics. You can choose whatever direction the spinner.

Moreover, the beacon hand spinner has an elevated center button which means you can place on flat surface and spin to your satisfaction without holding it. Finally, the spinner also has spring loaded ends that can enable you to quietly fidget without moving it.   As a result, stealth fidgeting can help you to calm your frayed nerves or put your hand to some good use whenever you are bored or stressed out.

Metal worn shield bead-$60

What better way to vaunt your patriotism than to be spotted with a metal worn shield bead. You will find that it is a great addition to your other EDC items. It not only a functional utility but it also helps you to send a message about your individuality. Every bead has been crafted with the greatest care to make it perfect for a superhero. You can use your lanyard bead to give some much-needed attention to   your knife or give it a better grip

Metal Worn’s Paracord-$15

You are in the middle of the wild having fun then suddenly the worst happens. Your shoelace in the midst of a hike or you can’t trace your matches. You can’t go home, and help won’t arrive in time. That is how Metal Worn’s Paracord steps in. It perfectly engineered to survive the wild and bail you out in emergency situations. It can help you to replace a shoelace, build a shelter, catch some fish, and start a fire and much more. Get this fantastic tool, if you don’t want to be caught napping in the wilderness.






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