Mechforce Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons


Mechforce is a professional firearm component manufacturer with more than 20-year experience in CNC machining. Mechforce uses the latest technology in manufacturing, coating, and   design in the EDC spinner world. As expected,   much of their innovations are greatly influenced by firearm accessories due to their much-fancied work and experience in the industry.

Most people who are into spinners always look for the best design that is both functional and affordable. Mechforce provides exactly more than anyone else in the industry. Having worked in the firearms components manufacturing sector, that explains why there are highly rated.   They have many other products such as stickers for guns, motorcycles, and   cars. We are going to give you a quick look at some of the most sought after   Mechforce products.

Mechforce-hurricane fidget finger spinner-$100

The hurricane spinner is the latest addition to this wonderful design that represents the best of America’s manufacturing spirit. The hurricane fidget spinner brings out the best in the combination of both the EDC gear and tactical firearms. The hurricane spinner is made from stainless steel and has full ceramic ball bearing with the latest coating technology which makes it one of the best in the class.

It has a stable and solid built but weighs light while spinning. The stonewashed gray makes you appreciate the quality more as you fidget it. It is fit with wonderful finish and firearm-like precision machining which makes it a must have. This spinner is also helpful for people suffering from anxiety, stress and hand injuries to help to strengthen them learn how to use their hands.


Full ceramic ball bearing-$24.99

This high quality all ceramic ball bearing has 8 balls designed for quiet and long spins.

3D metal sticker for car, truck and motorcycle-$19.95

This 3D metal sticker any flat area and has a strong adhesive in the back to allow easy installation.   You should consider this sticker because it stands out to give your car or bike a unique look. What is more? The 3D metal sticker is made from corrosion resistant metal to   protect it from adverse weather changes

How to install

  • Clean the installation area with a rug to remove dust, water, and grease
  • Pill of the   thin film from back side of the metal stick and size it to the correct location
  • Gently press down metal sticker to the chosen flat area and ensures it fits perfectly


Blemished-much force tactical-$39.95

Made from high-strength aircraft class aluminium alloy. It is meant to mount on the Picatinny rail. The matte black coloured hand stop is designed to give a tactical look and a firmer grip   to prevent the user from   getting their fingers burned (literally)

Magwell metal sticker-$9.95

It is designed to fit perfectly above the magazine area. The sticker has a strong adhesive at the back for easy installation. Fits perfectly on any flat area with 1.77" x 1" dimensions. You can also attach this sticker to your cell phone, tablet, keyboard, and PC case. The freedom punisher sticker will make your rifle to stand out.






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