FLYAWAY TOYS Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons


Do you touch things while sitting in a car or your house waiting for dinner?   Do ever wonder why you must always grab or have things in your hands? There are people even children who can’t just idle; they must have something to play or fidget with.

Fidgets are an important way of self-regulation. They can help you to calm down and remain alert in the middle of a stormy situation. Fidgets and fun toys can are good at getting focus and concentration that leads to reduced stress. Flyaway toys can also help you to strengthen your fidgeting fingers in preparation for an intense exercise such as motor skill tasks and handwriting. No wonder, flyaway toys have become a leading fun gift to help people relieve stress.

It is proven that keeping your fingers will also help your brain to remain alerted and focused while putting your body at ease. Not long ago fidget toys were exclusively made for children because it was seen as a way of giving them the right amount of sensory input. Flyaway toys have well-crafted products made from solid metals with some of the finest mechanics with extensive experience in aerospace manufacturing. Here are some high value and high precision flyaway toys that you can purchase for your kid or yourself.

Falcon spinners- $60

The Falcon is made and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, USA. This all aluminium spinners come in three different bearings. The hybrid ceramic and stainless versions come with grease while the full ceramic version is churned out of the factory grease free. Both sides of the spinner appear the same. You will be pleased to note that the Falcon spinner now has a larger button like the more popular flyway’s maelstrom spinner. The full ceramic is the most loved of the three bearing because it is smoother and quieter when spinning but they have all equivalent spin times.

Mini maelstrom -$169.98

This is a miniature version of the much-fancied maelstrom spinner. Made from some of the finest brass and stainless steel material. The ring on this mini maelstrom spinner is what makes it special. The mini maelstrom spinner uses the 7 hybrid ceramic bearing same as the standard maelstrom. The spinner also has the same caps as the more regarded maelstrom spinner. It weighs 68 grams, and the diameter is 1.95.''

Mini falcon-stainless- $69.00

Mini-falcon spinner is an improved version of the first generation Falcon spinner. It as a length of 2.25’’ and a width of 0.250’’. Both the housing and the caps are crafted from the solid 303 stainless steel. The Mini Falcon has an integrated threaded post like all other flyaway’s caps. The Mini Falcon has the same improved 7 hybrid ceramic bearing that you will enjoy. It gives the spinner a much-improved performance.   That is why it spins like butter

Tri Mini Falcon- Titanium-$99.0

The spinner has three wings giving it better performance than one with two wings. It has better balance and a gyroscopic effect. The spinner housing and caps are both made from 303 stainless steel.






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