Dark Apogee Designs Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons

Do you find yourself biting nails or always fidgeting when you are in a boring meeting? Do you enjoy learning more when you are on the move? You are not alone.   Some people are restless, and they can’t stand being confined to one place for long. That is why they tap their legs, chew on a pen. For this group of people, a hand spinner might be the best way to make use of their energy and achieve something meaningful.

Moreover,   fidgeting with an object, such a spinner can help you to be focused. For this reason, scholastic.com   quoted an article Hands-On is Minds-on, that states that combining activities such as talking, movement and listening activates many parts of the brain. Research has found that you are likely to retain more information at a business meeting if you doodle. The reason for this is simple; you want to get as many parts of your brain activated as possible to stay focused.

Given this, we need to consider Dark Apogee Designs, makers of some of the finest spinners.   Dark Apogee has been in the business for over two decades with massive experience in design, creative innovation, and business.   Nathan, the founder, is an alumnus of George Mason University with a proven track record in both development and introduction of new products to various sales channels.

As a result, their newest innovation deserves a big shout out. Genesis is not your everyday spinner; it is both a therapy a fun toy for those suffering from anxiety, stress, hand injuries and ADHD. Raptor is committed to delivering quality, innovative and affordable fun toys to the market. Genesis can also help to rid one of the harmful addictions such as smoking by eliminating fixation. Let’s now have a look at some of the genesis products available

Genesis (Brass) - $155

High-end design that will give you both fun and excitement as you play for hours. Genesis was developed and in the USA from premium materials.   Unlike other spinners, Genesis guarantees you a smooth and long spin.

Genesis spinner (Titanium)-$155

Genesis is the first product that has a lot to offer for those with medical conditions such as anxiety, stress and hand injuries. Genesis titanium is also useful for those who need a fun play toy to help them juggle and improve their thought process. Genesis offers hours of spinning enjoyment. You can either spin with your hand or use as a tabletop spinner. It will help you learn better, enhance focus and retention. It is also helpful to those with learning disabilities

Genesis Stainless- $155

Whether you are looking to overcome a negative habit such nail biting, relieve stress or to refocus in boring meetings- the Genesis stainless hand spinner by Dark Apogee designs is for you. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a smooth polished body, this two wing spinner is one of the best in the class. A quality spinner is a must-have office toy in any modern working environment






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