Custom Knife Factory Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons

The knife has long been used by men to chop the flesh, make stick tools and even in self-defence. Not long ago, It would be unthinkable for a man to miss in a pen knife in his backpack or trouser pocket, but over the years the knife lost its place as a man’s Everyday carry(EDC). However, the good news is that it has made quite a comeback and it is back in the news again for all the right reasons. Whether it is for fashion or functionality, the truth is that a pocket knife is back in vogue. That is why we thought you need to know the best knife makers to get value for your money.

Truth be told, some manufacturers can guarantee both quality and genuine like Russians. While many other makers might promise to deliver, most have been found wanting. For this reason, Russian knives are a great choice, if you need something genuine and non-expensive knife for everyday using.

Custom knife factory based in Moscow, the heart of the vast country are fine designers that blend both the old world craftsmanship and new high tech material and skills.   Custom knife factory gets their high quality from   USA suppliers and   CNC machines from China. The location of the company comes with an added advantage; great knives at an affordable price. Custom factory knives are now making waves in various parts of the world. They have many other products besides knives, here are some of their top products 

Venom new concept -$ 285

You can’t resist the temptation to buy this fantastic knife. The blade is made making it tough to use in emergencies.   The handle is made of titanium material and carved CF making it beautiful to the eye and functional.   The blade length is 95 mm while the overall length is 225 mm

Pepyakka NVK- $183.00

This spinner hand toy is a high-end design made from some of the finest materials. Pepyakka NVK   is a three-wing spinner to help you make the most of your excess energy in a boring meeting. It is 80mm wide and weighs 1.5 oz.

CKF Pepyakka 3.0 - $ 220

Pepyakka is a high-end spinner that has a two-wing spinner.   The spinning time is 1.5 minutes, but it may last even longer


This light-weight knife is a new addition to the CKF family. It is a junior brother to the more famous ELF knife, but it is enhanced in many ways to compared to ELF. The greatest advantage is that is lightweight and easily retractable

Muscle - $490

It is a relatively new CKF knife that has taken the market by storm. It is relatively large but fits perfectly in hand to give you good balance and control. The knife has a perfect geometric design that gives it a good gripping surface. Tashi and CNF have combined to make to make this beautiful knife that you can count on as a defence weapon




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