Bastion Gear Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons | Should You Buy One?

A popular trend, lifestyle or just an obsessive hobby? Regardless of where you stand, everyday carry (EDC) has become an aspirational goal amongst men around the world. What is interesting, is that most men are looking for something tactical and functional like what a soldier would carry. Pocket knives seem to be most popular among men, but many other EDC items might appeal to an adventurous person. It is common knowledge that a man without his EDC gear is naked and incomplete.

For this reason, Bastion is the place to go for a vast and wide array of quality Everyday carry (EDC) accessories and gear. The company was established in 2012. The variety of products offered has immensely grown ever since to include all EDC gear. Making it the ultimate go-to for all tools that you might need for EDC. Regardless of whether you have a pocket knife, wallet pistol or knife, they all have a lot to say about your taste. For this reason, Bastion gear has all the products that you would like to accessorize your extensive EDC items.

Bastion gear is regularly tested to ensure that every single item has a perfect design and functional. Bastion gear brings the best EDC gear that you can count on. They are highly functional and made from some of the best material you can get. That is why every bastion gear is well crafted to meet your needs. Here are some bastion gear products that might excite you.

Bastion partisan EDC folding knife D2 blade-titanium - $155

Partisan EDC folder knife is a must have for any man that is looking for something lightweight to carry around. Its minimalistic design and D2 tool steel on the blade makes it durable. It is made from excellent quality material to make a great EDC gear to add to your collection

Blade length: 3.8.'

Closed length: 4.25.'

Overall length: 7.5.'

Cannon EDC pens

You have heard that a pen is mightier than a sword, but a gun is a whole new thing; incomparable. Bastion have developed a bold and powerful new bolt action pen. An appealing product for gun lovers to fidget with when they are bored. It is a great conversation starter because it is both new and unique. It has a solid construction with a metal body that boasts of a useful open/close mechanism.   There are two types of cannon pens; titanium and stainless steel. They are both sturdy and robust enough to break glass in emergency situations.

Bastion flex fitted operator tactical cap - $27.99

To be honest, comfort and high-quality material is what most of us look for in a great head headgear? That’s this bastion tactical cap stands out. It is made of 85% acrylic and 15% acrylic material. It comes to both large and extra-large sizes. This amazing cap comes with hook and loops patches to give you a place to hang your favorite cap. Check out many other bastion gear caps.




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