Axis Micro Fidget Spinners, Positives & Negatives To Look Out For

Axis Micro Spinner

The company offers you a real grail spinner. The customizers do exceptional work with beautiful appeals. It majors on works involving brass to bring out custom versions with eye-catching results. It is a highly reliable product.

Axis micro (Brass) - $ 150

This is a spinning top with widespread praise. It is a module and compact handmade spinner, which fits into the market need. It is available in various designs, and the initial design was a success in the market. It has a silhouette design with 608 bearing making it a great product that meets the spinning duties by placing the body closer to the bearing. It has twin set screws, which assist in retaining the bearing. The screws are offset towards the bearing edge to allow room for the user to spend time creating a delicate pressure balance.

It comes with a well-machined driver for easy adjustments. The high spots are well polished on both sides and grips to improve aesthetics and reduce fingerprints. The lower section of the bearing has a contrasting machine finish. It has reflective spheres, which spin beautifully by itself.

Spin characteristics

The performance is great and greatly boosted by the screw setting with enough pressure, which prevents the bearing from slipping while using. It is pleasurable to use and very tactile with a smooth spin. It is an evenly balanced fidget focused spinner. It has between 1 – 2 spin time which is very addictive. The strong negative arm taper and center weighting give it better ergonomics. The machine finishing is great. Maintenance is an important feature. It has great design and bearing swap that is easy to maintain.

It is one great hand spinner to consider and offers you ergonomics and aesthetic genius. The features shine above many others in the market with fewer concerns. You can pre-order the product from axis micro spinner.

Fidget Toy bullet spinner - $69.99

It has a beautiful design with exceptional performance and appearance. The more spin is balanced and bears a unique shape that makes it effective for an entertaining and soothing device. It id durable and can be used in military and industrial applications. It is assembled using quality ceramic bearing and uses 2eaq aluminum bearing shields. It comes with mechanical fastening bearing shields.

It is easy to clean or lubricate for better performance. The spinner has an oversized concave shape that makes it comfortable to use and improves grip for the fingers especially for people with small hands.

This is a great tool that helps you relax and assists people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, Fidgeting hands, SPD, EDC spinner and ADHD relax and cope with their conditions. Do not be surprised if you get addicted to using the spinner and putting it down becomes difficult.

Black-Mil bottle opening spinner - $ 139.99

It is a waterproof bottle opener, which is easy to conceal. It combines both texture and great features to give you an incredible soothing device. It is an amazing toy that anybody can use and incredibly addictive.





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