Anatolian Mods Fidget Spinners, Pros & Cons | Why You Need Them

Are your fingers a bloody mess due to constant nail-biting? Do you drive your roommate(s) crazy from your incessant pen-clicking or desk-drumming? You just need to get a better way to make use of your excess energy when you are bored. That is why fidget toys might come in handy. While stress balls and desk toys are not new, they are nothing compared to fidget toys. They add some flair and style to give you a proper place to dump your bored energy.

If you want something fancy and unique to blow your energy on, fidget spinners are worth considering; they are trendy, exciting and largely hand-made. In fact, no one does it better than Anatolian mods.


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Anatolian mods, founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2013 and based in Sharjah, U.A.E leads the way in fidget toys. The company is dedicated to creating high-quality craftsmanship to give people what they want. Anatolian mods focus on very tiny and finer details of the products to ensure that customers get the highest value. They also have an excellent customer support system to give them the best services possible.

That is why their first product, HIT-IT, a unique and revolutionary product that brought both simplicity and an advanced material option to the market.   Anatolian mods have been increasing the products available to give their customers a wider scope of goods to choose from. Besides, the company is also getting better regarding craftsmanship skills   required to make both wood and metal products

Dual gArz - $60

Do you chew on your pens and bite nails when you are bored? This appropriately named spinner might help you to combat those uncouth habits to help you to make better use of your energy.   For this reason, recent studies have shown that fidgeting leads to enhanced brain function. Besides, Ana spinners are simple and compact by design to be carried to all parts of the world with easy.

Size: 8 mm long and 60 mm diameter. The bearings and center caps measure 22mm

What comes with it?  

  • High precision ceramic hybrid 7 ball bearing
  • Spinner body
  • Two finger brass caps

Spinner converter - $6

It helps you to convert your cylindrical or triple hand spinners to desktop-compliant spinners. Spinner converter is made of a brass handle and SS body. You will be pleased to know that they are compatible with all 608 bearings. What is more, you can use your top button to screw whenever necessary.

Hecate - $60

An ancient symbol from the Greek mythology of the goddess Diana and her triple effect. The emblem is widely used by practitioners of Hellenic traditions as a religious symbol.   However, Ana Hecate spinner is like any other fidgeting gadget to help you make the most of your excess and bored energy.

Size: it is 9 mm long and 60 mm wide. The centre caps and bearings measure 22 mm

What else? You will also get a copper spinner body, one high precision ceramic hybrid 7 ball bearing and two finger brass caps that you can screw while you spin.


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