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Fidget spinners are an emerging series of toys which have been designed to be used as the best stress and anxiety killers.


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The matte white looks really good and feel great in my hand. As it isn't a slippy shiny material like the old spinners I use to own, it stays in your fingers a lot better. Great for tricks too.


Intially purchased this for our son, however, when it arrived, my husband has been trying to play with it more than our son! 
Ordered one for him too and he's very happy :)
Now a fan of Raptor, thank you!

Sarah Colsey

My son was ecstatic when this got delivered yesterday and I was quite amazed at the box and feel of the product. My son keeps it, and the box, on him at all times now. Have bought another 2 for him cousins. Thanks!

Hayden S

Raptor R1

The Brand New Raptor R1 Fidget Spinner

Raptor R1

Available in Matte White & Black

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The Best Collection of Fidget Spinners

The balanced mass of the Raptor hand spinner allows it to rotate around the metal bearing, which is of low friction. They are an ideal source of fun for the people looking for getting their restless hands busy. The toy also helps people who are having a hard time in focusing on things by acting as a release mechanism for their nervous energy or stress. The classic plastic fidget spinner is also used by people to get over the bad habits like biting nails or smoking. Being small and durable, they are easy to carry, and hence they are perfect for schools as well as homes.

To spin them, you need to hold the spinner with one hand and use the other hand to give constant and continuous strikes to the blades for the spinner to start spinning. Once it starts, you can now just use one finger to hold, and you need only one hand to stop or resume it. They are also pretty easy to get used to. They are available in an outstanding range of designs and colours for one to choose from. The fidget toys can be cheap or superior quality, and thus their prices range from being a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The bearing in the centre of the stress relieving toy can be made from a variety of materials like brass, titanium, plastic or stainless steel. The different types of bearings are used to adjust the vibration, spin time and the noise of the fidget toy resulting in a unique sensory feedback. The fidget toys do not really have a scientific background to support their results but many users have encouraged their use which is why they have gained much popularity among youngsters and adults in these days.

What is a Fidget Spinner made of?

By now we are aware of the fact that a fidget spinner is a small toy that fits the pocket and relieves stress. A basic model of the Raptor spinners consists of a bearing in the centre of the design. It can be made of different materials. These materials include brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic. The bearings used are usually made of the materials: ceramic, metal (stainless steel or chrome) and hybrid. The vibration, noise and spin time ultimately depends on the material used for making the bearing.


The most important component of a spinner is a bearing. Without a bearing, it is rather impossible for the spinner to work. The bearing may be an old one from your skates or new ones. Both of them work flawlessly. The spinner has two more components, and they are the spinner knobs and the body. A spinner can be created by 3D printing or by producing them manually. The main body is usually made of ABS plastic to make it durable and to help it last longer. The knobs are used to fix them over the central bearing and helps hold the spinner together.

Why do we fidget?

If you are a fidget freak you know that fidgeting is addictive, it is obsessive, and it is irresistible. Yet, we do not know why? Is it fidgeting that helps us have a better concentration on whatever we are indulged in? We already know that fidgeting is really very helpful to those people who are victims of ADD, Anxiety, ADHD, Stress, Autism, Insomnia, and so forth. Now, we will try and understand the scientific reasons behind the usual addictive habit of fidgeting.

Numerous blogs have come up where they ask fidget freaks to share their experiences and tiny details like what all are the gadgets that they use to fidget. These blogs ask many such other questions that can enable them to have a sound and thorough study on this issue. Meanwhile, there have been many more attempts to justify the addiction and need for fidgeting by common people.


The habit of fidgeting gets its reasoning from the concept of Floating Attention. Floating Attention is the concept where while our brain is working on something particular, our brain might end up getting bored of the repetitive task like saying, or listening or hearing, etc. Hence, when a person fidgets, he or she basically distracts that part of the brain which is bored in order to make the other parts of the brain more attentive and let these other parts continue/take over the same old repetitive task. This is the prime reason how fidgeting enhances our Floating Attention and helps us perform better because now, we have a higher and much better concentration level to work with. Floating Attention is nothing new but an evolutionary trait which has its origin long before in the pre-historical period.

Basically, putting it all in the simplest combination of words, fidgeting is something that we unknowingly keep doing either because of boredom or because of anxiety. This happens to all of us due to a sudden hormonal imbalance in the body which result into restlessness and thereby, demands the body to make movements in the muscles. When you have no other activity to exploit this energy in, the energy results into you getting up to biting your nails or petty movements like fidgeting with a pen in a class or such short movements.


Further, there has been research on the correlation between what all tasks have we done with our hands and simultaneously resulted in increased memory and creativity. This study has found out that those students who were engaged in some or the other kind of fidgeting during the class hours have better-retaining possibilities and were able to learn more during the classes as compared to those students who did not indulge in any sort of fidgeting. Also, they found out that doodling could boost a person’s memory as well as the attention span.

Fidgeting has proved to result in a better memory performance. This increase in performance happens because of fall in the level of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that results in anxiety in a human, and thus, it hinders the learning process.

Hence, it has been scientifically proved that fidgeting has helped people to have better concentration and also, it has been proved that why is that the case. So, now we have our answer as to why we fidget.

What Is a Fidget Spinner Good For?

A hand spinner, renowned widely as the new office trend are a guaranteed source of fun and have proved to work as a useful toy for restless hands. Their fun and addiction have a lot of benefits on the youngsters as well as the working class. Some of their uses are:

Stress and anxiety: The fidget spinner can help the people who are going through intense stress or anxiety. It is common these days for the youngsters to become anxious very often and as a solution, parents have started using a fidget spinner as a simple distraction which helps them cope with their anxiety. Not just that, the working class uses these simple toys to get over their everyday stress and anxiety. The fidget toys are mere simple distractions that keep your mind a little busy and relaxed at the same time by their simple circular spin that goes on for a long time with just a simple push.

Autism: Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterised by impaired ability of communication and interaction. The fidgeting toys have managed to help students with the autism disorder. Adults who are going through this disorder can also use the spinner to help themselves. They are noiseless and hence can be used in the class without disturbing the students sitting next to you. People who have autism can carry this small and light toy everywhere and use it without annoying anyone sitting next to them. The toy helps you cope with your unwanted thoughts and give you push to be able to communicate and interact efficiently with others.

ADHD: A very common childhood disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can also be fought with the help of a hand spinner. The disorder in simple words refers to the inability to be able to concentrate on something because your mind keeps you distracting. If you have any of the troubles like keeping attention on tasks, are forgetful, get easily distracted, talk excessively, have severe difficulty waiting for your turn or are unable to perform well in your school or at your job, then using the product can definitely have a positive impact on you. If issues like this are going on in your life and are negatively affecting your lives, then these can help you focus and manage daily stress.

Bad Habits: If you have some bad habits like nail biting or killing time or smoking and you are having a hard time quitting them, then the hand spinner might be a great choice to try for you. They not only help you quit them but also help you keep busy and progress at work or in school. They are small in size, and you can easily carry them around in your pocket. If you want to cut down on problems like constantly being on the phone, smoking while driving, flipping your ring around your fingers, picking at tables or distracting people in class and meetings, then the fidget spinner is a godsend for you.

The above mentioned are some of the problems of the fidget spinner that can help you tackle.

Types Of Raptor Fidget Toys And How They Help

So, you have decided to invest in a Raptor fidget spinner! Now comes the task of choosing the perfect fit for you. Each fidget toy has a different feature, and there is no one-fit formula that you can use to get the perfect one for you. It is all a matter of trial and error to find the ideal fit. However, do not stress, here is a guide to all the different types of these products available. So, read on to find the fidget toy that will suit your purpose.

At present, you can categorise a fidget toy based on the material of construction, the type of bearing used, and even the design of the fidget toy.

Based on material:

First, let us see how the material affects the toy. Most of your fidget toys are either made of metal or plastic. The plastic products can be made from high-grade plastic or can be 3-D printed made from ABS plastic. As plastic is easily mouldable, it comes in a wide variety of colours and cool features such as glow-in-the-dark plastic or fluorescent plastic. The type of plastic used does affect the performance of the spinner as well as its durability. Always make sure that the spinner you buy is made from top quality plastic and high-grade bearings.

The metal fidget items, on the other hand, are made from a variety of metals, the popular of which are copper, aluminium, brass, and titanium. Metal hand-spins offer better stability, longer spin times, and lasts longer than the plastic counterparts. If you are looking into buying a spinner for everyday use and plan on using it for an extended period of time, then, definitely spend more money on your spinner toy to get the best experience.

Based on bearings:

Another way of classifying the products relies on the type of bearing they use to produce the spins. The ADD hand item utilise either a steel bearing or a ceramic hybrid bearing. The spinner bearings also affect how long the fidget toy can spin as well as how fast and smooth the spins are. The bearings are usually lubricated with special oil, but this can slow down the spins as time progresses. The ceramic bearings provide a quieter and smoother spin than the ball bearings, so pick the product based on your preferred spin cycle.

Based on design:

Despite the material and bearings used, the most definitive way of categorising the hand spinner toys are the way they are designed. There are a variety of designs that rely on thermodynamics and momentum of the toy. So, let me break it down to the most common design types and their variations available in the market.


Dual bar spinner:

The dual bar design is the most simplistic design out there. They usually have a main central bearing with either small weights or bearings countering the middle one. They are available in a variety of materials such as wood, fibreglass, metal and plastic. For those wishing to make their own Raptor spinner the dual bar design is the one to go for. It is the best design for beginners and is also easy to handle and carry around.

The dual bar spinner has loads of variety in the way the ends are designed. Usually, you have the round edges that allow smooth spins, but nowadays there are other design considerations such as a the bi-star design that is flat triangular in shape or the hex bar design that features hexagonal ends. There are also hex-ball designs that have a central bearing and three steel sinkers on each arm to add weight to the spinner.

The Z-bar fidget spinner is another variation of the dual bar fidget toys. These are designed in the shape of the letter ‘z’ and usually, contain three bearings. This design is often seen with a plastic body made with top quality 3-D printed plastic.

The Zerofeud compass is another dual bar design that is made out of metal, usually aluminium, brass, or titanium body. It has a distinct design in that there is a small space made by circular or radial cut-outs between the middle bearings and the bars. This gives it a sleek design and adds a wonderful effect when the toy is spun making it seem as if the body is floating on air.

Overall, the dual bar spinner have the best compact design, and this not only helps you to use it whenever you want but also without distracting others in your immediate vicinity. Not only are these meant for people with attention deficit syndrome but also for those hoping to break a bad habit. Nervousness coupled with anxiety and stress causes our performance levels to go down, and these fidget toys help to provide a way of stress-relief. There have been several studies that prove that fidget toys do contribute to increasing our memory, focus and concentration by allowing ourselves to fidget. Most of these toys are small, compact, and quiet enough that you can use them in the classrooms or offices without distracting your peers.

Tri-bar spinner:

The tri-bar spinner as the name suggests have three bars or arms radiating from the central bearing. These have a better weight distribution than the dual bar, and so offer a longer spin time. They come in both plastic and metal finishes, and each has their advantages over the other. Some of the standard designs include arms with rounded or triangular or even hexagonal ends. The arms can be arranged in a star-shaped pattern or even a triskelion design with embedded weight sinkers.

Some of the more interesting designs in this series are the double dagger, the gear mechanics, and even the limited edition titanium Tomahawk version. The double dagger design gives the spinner a ninja star look, and the sharper edge makes it cut through the air providing a faster spin. The gear design simply attaches gear shapes at the ends of the bars, and these can spin individually as well. The titanium tomahawk design as the name suggests as a tomahawk-shaped end on the bars that give it a cool aesthetic look and the fact that it is limited edition makes it a valuable collectable of the spinner enthusiasts.

The Zerofued tri-spinner, similar to the compass, has a sleek design with those distinct radial cut-outs from the outer rim of the middle bearing. For a hefty sum, these deliver above and beyond what they offer and are a must for a fidget lover.

The tri-bar spinner provide the best performance out of the different varieties not only regarding performance but also it is the optimum design to keep you away from your bad habits. Each of the designs has a unique feature that allows for a different focus. Some designs have a rough or smooth texture to help you get a better feel of what you are holding. The weight of the spinner also affects the speed of the spins and for some just feeling that heavy frame can give them a reassurance when it is needed.

Quad-bar spinner:

The quad-bar spinner possess four arms and build on the dual and tri-bar setup to offer a different approach to the hand spinner toy. These spinners are made with premium bearings and can provide a good distraction for the heavy fidgeters.

They are usually made with 3-D plastic material or wood and come in a variety of designs. However, regarding performance, it does not compare to the tri-bar spinner.

Miscellaneous spinner:

Other than the mentioned types, there is also a multitude of custom-made and attractive designs. These fidget toys come in a number of shapes such as a gear, wheel, turbines, and with an assortment of accessories and colours to keep it interesting. These out-of-the-box items with their inventive designs help to distract the user. The extra attachments and accessories are not only meant to personalise the spinner but also to provide a suitable distraction for wandering minds.

Creating a fidget toy has never been so simple. If you want to create a custom fidget spinner with retro designs, then there are several videos and images of innovative designs on the net that you can look into for inspiration.

Fidget Cube

The fidget tube is another type of fidget toy which does not make use of the spin motion to control your fidgeting. This toy offers a broader range of features that helps people to manage their anxiety and not get easily bored and distracted. Unlike the fidget spinner that uses the motion of the toy, the cube applies the method of clicking, rubbing, or even rolling as ways to combat stress. The cube has six sides, and each side features a different method. There is a joystick on one side, and this allows both gamers and non-gamers alike to calm themselves with the familiar motion of the joystick. One side features a switch that you can turn on and off. The clicking action is supposed to calm the nerves. The worry stone side of the cube has a groove than you can run your finger over. The principle behind it is that the touch will help to centre your anxiety. This is very useful in situations where you tend to stress out such as when you are waiting for an interview or a meeting.

The fidget cube is usually made with high-grade plastic and comes in a multitude of colours with special editions that sell in cameo colours, or with glow-in-the-dark buttons. Just like all other spinner fidget toys, the fidget cube works only if we train ourselves to accept these distractions and convert our excess energy and channel it into something positive.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you always carry the fidget toy with you wherever you go. At first, it may be difficult, but practice makes it a habit. For those using these toys as a way to stop bad habits, make it a point to use them when you start to feel the itch. Have the need to bite your nails, having the urge to light smoke, or just want to focus on what is going on in the classroom, just take out your fidget spinner or cube and distract yourself from the urge. The whole point of the toy is self-regulation; there will not be a second person to help you get on track. The best thing about the fidget toy is that with time and patience you exercise your will over the problem.

Just understand that toys meant to help you can only do so if you continue to train your mind to accept the distraction and utilise it to improve your focus. So, come on down and get the perfect fidget toy for you.

What can a fidget spinner help prevent?

We all know fidget spinners are popular. However, for a toy as small and simple as the spinner, it is popularity has reached new heights. This fame is only the result of the varied functions the spinner performs. A large population finds the need to click pens, shuffle or tap their feet and chew their nails. These just a few activities that symbolise stress and nervousness. Stress and anxiety are two terms that must never be taken for granted as there is always a chance for them to develop into a more serious health issue. The competition today causes a lot of stress amongst kids, the youth, and adults. Fidget toys are gadgets that have been devised to help prevent issues such as stress and anxiety amongst people.


Stress and Anxiety - For many people, they can provide a sense of comfort and assist them to be calm. Often people find it hard to focus on a lecture or a board meeting because of stress and anxiety. At such instances, these hand held spin tops help concentrate on work and prevent your mind from wandering elsewhere. Many spinner toys are also marketed as products designed to relieve stress, anxiety, ADD and ADHD, and Autism. It stimulates that particular part of the mind that gets bored so that they can fidget with it and encourage creative thinking. The toy helps those who have trouble focusing and relaxing by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress. Thus, it prevents stress and anxiety which could later develop into even more serious health issues such as ADHD.


Prevents Dullness - The spin top cube has scientifically proven to provide a calming and relaxing effect to people during difficult work situations. These toys can improve your life every day by being an ever potent source to take up all your negative energy that leads to dullness and lethargy. Apart from this, the spinner provokes deep thoughts and helps kick in originality. The history of such hand spin tops points to the fact that they were initially only used for kids with autism. The function has now broadened and is being used by several workplaces, schools, and care facilities. The Forbes magazine even went down to name it the must-have office toy of 2017 as they are a great tool to prevent lethargy or boredom and help in maintaining a calm and positive office atmosphere.


To conclude, these fun tri-toys are the invention of today which help prevent the most prominent problems of the day: stress and anxiety. The device is also not limited to just one age group but is used by everyone alike. People with, ADD, and Autism also love this type of spinner.

Who’s Best To Use a Raptor Hand-Spinner?

In this world of increasing and unending pressure and stress, people are under constant scrutiny of their bosses, peers, sometimes teachers and the society in general. Delving into the prospect of increasing levels of stress in the coming years, it was necessary to find a one stop solution to the problem. That is when a fidget spinner comes to the rescue! Reasonable and absolutely affordable, a fidget spinner is the cheapest way out of your worries! It is by far the best and most worthwhile solution to the trouble.

Apart from everyday problems with ordinary people, there is a deeper aspect to this too. People with ADHD are in dire need of this product. A person with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is unable to control impulses and has trouble paying attention. It affects children and teens and can continue up till adulthood.

Medication for ADHD has seen a steep rise in the past decade. Raptor have been reviewed and rated as the number one best fidget spinner on the market to date by Top9Rated. Hypertension has taken a lot of people. While drugs can improve concentration, they can also cause some serious potential side effects such as hypersleep problems. It may lead to insomnia. It gives way to mood swings and loss of appetite. Medication has also been found to have increased heart problems among patients. It may also incite suicidal thoughts or actions.

In order to stay away from such drastic effects, is it not better to find a better and benign tool to tackle the problem? Fidget toys are the best bet to it! They keep the person busy and away from putting his/her mind into unnecessary stress. Small objects that keep hands busy can help focus on what’s important. This is the best way to keep people from indulging in activities like chewing pencils and pens, biting nails, cracking knuckles, etc. It keeps one away from obtrusive stuff that irritates the surrounding audience and draws attention toward oneself. A fidget spinner is silent and unobtrusive. Thus, it is hidden away from plain sight and does not draw unnecessary attention. It is and tactile and safe. It does no harm to the player or the surrounding people. Apart from that, it has no side effects like drugs and medication do.

It can be especially helpful or office going people and students.

For workers

At the workplace, habits like those of fidgety people can definitely put one in a bitter spot. Nobody likes to entertain a person constantly chewing on his pen or a person constantly twirling her hair. Cracking knuckles, slipping shoes on and off; such habits are of big distraction to other people which, apparently, fidgety people do not realise. Even if it is almost normal to them, it is really out-of-worldly to those around them. People usually try to avoid such kind of people and run away from them. However, of course, it is better to fidget with something in hand than to just stare blankly at something.

In fact, it is known to boost productivity in most cases. The only point being, you need to stop annoying other people! It is possible that stress toys could, keep people’s minds from wandering. These fidget toys could be used by people while concentrating or thinking about something. Minor distractions can help boost productivity. They give the mind a break. In the work environment, stress takes up most of the time, and people really need a break from that! Thus, in a world where we witness around 12,000 deaths daily due to stress issues, these kinds of fidget widgets would be a gift from God!

For students

Fidget spinners are a blessing in disguise for students unable to focus and for children suffering from attention and concentration problems. Many a time, students getting bad results complain of not being able to understand things. Sometimes, they complain about not being able to cope with the speed of teaching. The cause of these problems is a lack of focus and attention. Some people do not need external factors to improve concentration, others do. As we saw earlier, use of fidget toys can actually improve concentration! Same applies to children, too.

In fact, issues like ADHD are found to exist more in children and teens. They constantly have trouble putting their minds onto one thing at a time. Children have wandering minds. But, it is not a bad sign and in fact, this is what helps them grasp more knowledge. Moreover, so, it becomes difficult to put their mind on one thing at a time. Fidget toys can actually help students focus on the thing at hand. By having something in their hand to play with, they can keep their mind off other distractions. The whole attention is on the fidget toy in hand. All the attention that is dispersed into a variety of different factors in the surroundings is brought onto one single thing which helps in focusing on what is important.

Fidget toys are a boon in the form of an invention for a hyperactive world like ours. Not only students and workers, but they have also proved to be of solace to people who have ADHD as well! These can be employed almost anywhere and everywhere where there is a loss of focus and attention. Patients with hyperventilation, those suffering from blood pressure issues, and basically, anybody and everybody in this world can use take benefit of these fidget toys because everyone in this world are subject to stress.

What are the best fidget toys for kids?

Parents often fail to recognise that their kid has ADD or ADHD; this is why they do not understand how important fidgeting could be for them. Even in the case of children suffering from insomnia, stress or autism, this has been the constant case. Parents need to get alerted and realise if their children are suffering from any such disorder. Moreover, once they get to know about it, they should imminently cater to the needs of their children. These needs being that of Fidget toys!

There are n number of good fidget toys available in the market which a parent can take back home for their special one to help him or her overcome their restlessness or concentration for that matter. However, this is no easy decision to make. It requires a lot of thinking and considerably weighing up of all the factors that are involved in such a decision like the size of the fidget toy that they choose or the weight of the fidget toy and many more such questions.

You need to realise the specific needs of your children (Yes! Even in fidgeting) before going out and actually buying them one fidget toy present. There are several fidget toys available in the market. Let us understand some of these categories.

Calming Fidget Toys – if you are looking for something that has a calming effect on your child, you can go with the fidget toys that leave a soothing effect. Alerting Fidget Toys – For people who have major issues with having a clear and high concentration, alerting fidget toys could be the best choice at hand. This will help them in having a better focus and attention at their task. In this case, fidget toys having lights or noise, or bright colours can help a lot. Chewy Fidget Toy – these chewing fidget toys will help the individual to have a higher and better level of focus on their work. All items that are chewable will be a great blessing for them. Foot Fidgets – There are many a quiet fidgeting tools available for kids to fidget within their classes via foot. Moreover, using your legs to do that is the best option because this way neither do you get to break the decorum of the class nor do you come into the eyes of your really itchy teacher. Footbands, Foot rollers, Steppers or Balance / Seating Disc, are just a few example of this kind. Resistance Fidget Toys – some people might already be really restlessness or irritated. To help them fight this resistance and irritation, you can always get fidget toys like the stress balls or putty or massage of pencil grips. Silent Classroom Fidgets – Specially designed keeping in mind the decent decorum of the class, these silent fidgeting toys will keep your child away from being spotted as the odd one out. Some of these toys can be boinks, Fleece bags, Inside out balls, coiler key-chains and many Stress or Sensory balls – to fight being a victim of anxiety, one really needs to use tools that help them relax and ones that do not demand a lot of high-speed action. This is why sensory balls or stress balls are designed to calm the disturbed state of mind. Tactile Fidget Toys – these children who crave for tactile gadget are the ones that long for textures and touches. The sizes, texture and touch of these toys are of multiple choices available in the market.

Sorting everything about what a fidget toy would be best as per your condition, you now know and understand the ability of these little magical devices.